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Thankful for Friday

This week, I have to say I’m thankful for my wonderful boyfriend.  

Last week I told him I was kinda sad that he was spending so much time at school and I only got to see him when he was snoring in bed next to me. Since then, he has made an effort to come home earlier and we’ve been able to enjoy meals together and exchange stories about our day.  It’s been really nice and I really appreciate the compromise he is making.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Sunday Funday

Like I said yesterday, this past Sunday with my ‘rents was absolutely stunning.  Chip had the genius idea to drive up north to get some fresh lobster for lunch, but then he decided it would be even better if we went out on a fishing boat and caught our own lobsters, that we would then eat for lunch.  So, that’s what we did!

We arrived at the harbor in Gloucester at 10 am and immediately hopped onto Captain Kevin’s boat.  Once we got out into the water, he explained all the safety procedures to us and we suited up.

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Weekend Recap

Well, I must say this weekend was a blast!  If you don’t remember, my parents decided to come visit me for a long weekend and we managed to squeeze in a lot of stuff while still finding time to relax and enjoy being together.  

To pick up where I left off, Friday we made an attempt to do a grand walking tour of Boston and the surrounding area.  Of course, we got a late start after meeting at Starbucks and having a nice hot latte, but we managed to see a lot of the city.

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Thankful for Friday

Hey, all!  This weekend is a very exciting weekend for me so I’ll keep this one short.

The reason for my excitement is that my mom and step-dad decided to come up for an extended weekend!! Yay! They arrived yesterday (made the entire 8 hour drive in one day..poor things) and we have a weekend packed with fun stuff and walking around the city.  This weekend also happens to be the annual Regatta, named the Head of the Charles.  We may try to check out some of the action.  I’ve definitely seen my share of rowers practicing…

See them scattered in there between the sailboats?

Anyways, I’ll fill you all in on Monday with what other fun stuff we did!  I’m planning to take them to all the restaurants I’ve been eyeing.  :)

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Look for Less?

It turns out that Topshop now has a line at Nordstrom-which is great because the only shop in the US is in New York and, well, I just moved out of the Big Apple.  But now…I can order from Nordstrom whenever I like!

While I was browsing their site online, I was noticing a lot of items that look very similar to items that we carry at Urban!  Now, I don’t know if one is copying the other or vice versa, but I just thought it would be fun to compare the prices of some similar pieces…

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Gallery Wall Attempt

When you enter our apartment, this is what you will see:

Art on just about every strip of wall space.

I’ve wanted a gallery wall for oh-so-long now and this is as close as I am going to get for a while.  Ultimately I would like to have each piece in a frame, but frames are just so dang expensive and well, I’m on a shoestring budget.

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Thankful for Friday

Hey, guys!  Sorry its a little late, but I worked until 9 tonight and by the time I changed into my sweats and had something to eat….well, here we are.

This week, I’m thankful for my friends Taylor and Crosby!  We had a chance to Skype this week and it really made my day.  I have been really missing my friends lately and feeling a little lonely so even the few minutes I had with them brought a warmth back to my heart. 

Love you guys!

How has everyone’s week been?  Ready for the weekend?!?

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